The Universe and New Beginnings

“Nothing happens in our lives, and in the world, without purpose.” ~ Daily Om

In my seven decades of travel around the sun, I’ve learned there is purpose in what happens whether it’s good, bad or ugly.  Coincidence?  No more like synchronicity.  SQuire Rushnell calls it “God Winks” in his A smallish book, “When God Winks.”

New Beginnings happen to all of us all the time, from the beginning of each new day which is ours to write, to a move, a baby, a death.  How is each day a new beginning when it’s already planned for me by work, kid demands, significant other?  Each day is yours.  Choose how you respond to the demands placed upon you by others as well as by yourself.  Each day is a journey that can be made joyful or stressful by none other than ourselves.

The universe may have a plan for your life, but you are the co-creator in that plan.  Nothing is totally scripted.  Your story is uniquely your own.

A new beginning is a blank slate upon which to write the newest chapter in your life.  Your reactions to whatever is happening give you that new beginning.  Tell your story to those around you.  Think of it as setting off on a new adventure – what will you discover about others, the world, yourself?

As a way to look at your life story, think of it as a series of new beginnings. Think about your life so far.  What are five new beginnings that stick out in your mind?

Mine are 1) Losing my grandparents who lived next door when I was only five. 2) Moving into the remodeled house where my grandparents lived when I was eleven. 3) Graduating from high school and setting off on my own. 4) Marriages and divorces (yes, that’s plural), children and grandchildren. 5) And now a fulfilling life with a partner who “gets me.”

Life is a journey – live it to the fullest by actively co-creating your story with the Universe.  Be open to Synchronicity and New Beginnings!

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  1. Patricia Schneider on November 24, 2019 at 12:16 am

    Having been raised in the military and my first husband being a wanderer, my life is full of new beginnings I can remember. Five that come to mind are:
    1. Having and recovering from Polio when I was six years old.
    2. Three years living in England when I was a teenager.
    3. Marriage, divorce, and marrying the love of my life.
    4. The death of my parents.
    5. The diagnosis of fibromyalgia six years ago and breast cancer this year.

    • Julie Moss on November 24, 2019 at 8:55 pm

      That’s a lot of new beginnings, Trisha. I hope the one you are embarking on will turn out well. My prayers are with you!

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