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Stories Feed the Soul

Adventures in Storytelling

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Periodically Julie writes blog posts about the connections of storytelling and life.  Sometimes there will be prompts to help you write a piece of your own story.  Remember, we are the authors of our own stories.  No one else can tell them for us.

The Thing about Poetry

Stories can be long meandering works of prose.  Details, of course, make the story interesting, bring it to life.  But how do you find a story’s bones, the core of its being? Take, for instance, the Scottish folktale of Janet and Tam Lin.  It’s a story I fell in love with the first time I…

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The Universe and New Beginnings

“Nothing happens in our lives, and in the world, without purpose.” ~ Daily Om In my seven decades of travel around the sun, I’ve learned there is purpose in what happens whether it’s good, bad or ugly.  Coincidence?  No more like synchronicity.  SQuire Rushnell calls it “God Winks” in his A smallish book, “When God…

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Changing Places

Recently I finished reading “Take Joy“, a book about writing written for writers by writer, Jane Yolen.  One chapter was on using the landscape or place as a character in your story.  So I am going to try that out – using the place where I grew up as the main character. The 1920’s Chesterland,…

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