Adventures in Storytelling

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Periodically Julie writes blog posts about the connections of storytelling and life.  Sometimes there will be prompts to help you write a piece of your own story.  Remember, we are the authors of our own stories.  No one else can tell them for us.

Dreams Do Come True

 This is an update/revision of a blog I wrote back in 2012. In the Beginning               In the spring of 1969 as I filled out applications for teaching jobs, a difficult question for an eager young teacher-to-be to answer, “Where do you see yourself in ten years?” needed a special answer.  I loved my student…

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The Snail Wife and Me

I’ve been playing with Story!  As Kevin Cordi teaches in his book, “Playing with Stories,”  finding the best way, a new way, to tell a story is through play.  Thanks, Kevin, for helping me find another way to tell two stories at once!     “The Snail Wife” is a Chinese folktale and also a Korean…

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