Julie’s Writing

Julie loved writing in high school and college. She included the fact that she wanted to write a book on applications for her first teaching job. Writing “Old China through the Eyes of a Storyteller” gave her the insight that reworking folktales was an exciting task that involved not only storytelling, but also her second love, research. At present she is working on a second book of folktales about crossings of various kinds.


Poetry is another form of writing Julie does from whimsical to tongue-in-cheek serious. Her poetry is inspired by events both in her own life and in life in general as well as nature and its awe inspiring beauty. Julie does performance style poetry readings. She belonged to the Shavanno Poets and performed at the Third Sunday Evening Open Mic while living in Salida, CO, and participated in the Moab Poets and Writers Group Open Mic while living in Moab, UT.