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Julie’s first book, Old China through the Eyes of a Storyteller; an Anthology of Chinese Folktales and the Stories behind Them, was published by Parkhurst Brothers in November, 2012.

At present, she is working on a second book of folktales.


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Chinese Folktales performed by Julie Moss and released in April, 2019, is a companion CD to Julie’s book, Old China through the Eyes of a Storyteller.



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Julie says:

"China entered my home every other year when I was young in the form of a tall, handsome woman who was my mother’s best friend from nursing school. My sisters and I received little gifts from China each time she visited. She spent a week with us every other year while raising money for her missionary work in China. She told us stories of China and her adventures there. It all seemed so exotic and far away.

Years passed. My daughter chose to go to China in a medical discovery program upon graduation from college. Her excitement upon return was infectious. She went on to study Traditional Chinese Medicine learning skills from a two thousand year old tradition. My interest in things Chinese was reborn.

An adventure was waiting- collecting stories, visiting with Chinese folklorists and scholars, storytellers and school children - on a special trip to China! And now - a book and CD recollecting the adventure and sharing the stories."